In this summer season, people almost always wear uniforms including bikini, denim shorts, sandals and other things. Usually, people only have one goal on weekends, that is to get as much sun as possible and put on a barely enough bikini, which is designed to maximize exposure to the sun and tanning. However, if you still think that these people are choosing an ordinary Triangle Bikini Swimsuit, then you are very wrong. Instead, some people usually look for the latest trends.

Two Piece Swimsuit

The upsurge of fitness sports is also sweeping the beach, which can clearly predict the future of beach volleyball and football. The French relleciga brand has shown this kind of niche bikini style in several fashion weeks, but its characteristics of easy movement and its strap contraction will be magnified infinitely in the wave of beach sports in the future.

Transparent Sling

To be sure, in the self-evident summer bikini style, unique. If there is something unclear, that is, the illusion effect of the transparent sling, which exudes a kind of charming magic color, it is that there seems to be nothing there.

Hollow Bandeau

Nowadays, there is almost no unique creative trend in swimsuit, and the hollow bandeau top is undoubtedly the most innovative one. Whether it is in the middle or below the hollow design, is to highlight the "convex" product concept. It is expected that this trend will be developed rapidly in the future.