To say that the heartbeat signal is exclusive to summer, it is definitely not a dress. The dress seems to have a natural destined protagonist, and it will be more tolerant of the body compared to the trousers. In the romance and comfort of the dress, she creates what she likes. You who buy a lot of dresses every year, what's the difference this year?

But for dresses, we seem to never be able to buy them all, and always feel that all kinds of dressess should be included in the bag. In fact, there are a few representative ones, enough to deal with various occasions.

Slip dressess is an enduring classic item in fashion history. The thin shoulder straps of slip dressess can visually line up the collarbone and neckline more beautifully. Hot girls with clavicle and right-angled shoulders boldly choose slip dressess. The slip dressess of silk satin fabric is the most classic choice. The fabric with cool and comfortable performance buff will let you feel cool at any time this summer. The skin-friendly silk greatly increases the comfort of this summer.

If you are looking for a dress that will complement your figure this summer, a knitted dress will be more suitable. However, this dress has higher requirements on the figure, and the knitted material is not as tall and straight as other fabrics, and it will be easier to outline the figure.

How can you miss the tutu dress that matches the summer best? The tutu dress hardly picks the body shape, and the fresh and girly feeling created is the key. Whether you are H-type/S-type/apple-type/pear-shaped, you are the most dreamy doll under the tutu dress.

Floral dress is the most suitable for vacation, off the shoulder or puff sleeve, full of vacation elements. A must-have item for summer outings, get ready first.