Most female riders must know how important it is to have a fit and comfortable sports bra when riding. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of the bra directly affects the experience of riding. Whether it's a road cruise or a mountain climb, maybe a bra is always the last thing you think about, and in the long run, it can help you maintain a perfect chest shape. Because the woman's chest has many ligaments to shape and maintain the shape of the chest. If these ligaments are stretched, they will not return to their original shape, and the consequences will be severe.

Sports underwear is like a sporty girl, just like another layer of skin. Sports underwear can fix the chest, match, the corresponding exercise intensity, avoid the chest slack and sagging hazard caused by long-term exercise, and it is not easy to be injured during exercise.

When you do low-intensity exercise, you can achieve a slight sweating feeling in the slow movement rhythm. The scope of application is: yoga, pilates, hiking and other aerobic exercises.When you do medium-intensity exercise, burn calories in a dynamic rhythm, reshape your body to pursue a relatively intense training environment, cycling, boxing, and weight training. When you do high-intensity exercise, your heart beats and your muscles swell, such as running, high jump, and athletics.

So how do you choose a sports bra?

1, according to different situations

Most of the roads you ride are roads or forest roads. According to the road conditions you ride, in general, road drivers should choose bras with adjustable shoulder straps and materials, and mountain bikers are advised to wear tight bras. This type of bra can support the breast on the ups and downs of the road.

2, tailoring is the key

When you are looking for a sports bra, always remember the wrap. “The medium or high neck sports bra has the best coverage, especially when using an aerodynamic posture.” The Racerback bra has a larger adjustable range and a more comfortable back.

3, choose the right size according to your own size

If the bust is not the most important, it is definitely an important factor when buying a sports bra. Try to buy a bra with a specific cup, not a bra that works from a small cup to a large cup. Regardless of your size, after wearing the chest, you have to feel support, not subject to restraint.

4. Pay attention to the details when selecting:

A, breathable material

Make sure the bra is breathable. Usually this fabric is made of polyester, nylon and spandex. Don't buy 100% cotton because it will be soaked in sweat to your skin.

B, smooth seams

Choose a bra that is not connected, or bundle it.

C, shoulder strap

In order to better support the choice of a wide shoulder strap type bra. Especially if the chest is large. The shoulder strap does not slip or press into your skin.

D, the bottom belt

Just like the shoulder strap, the wider the bottom strap, the better the support.

E, Racerback bra design

The Racerback bra is the design of the two shoulder straps that cross over (or merge into one piece) on your back.

F, suitability

The most important thing is that the bra is fit enough! The bra should fit snugly and the fabric should be free of wrinkles. Stacking excess material can cause skin irritation. On the other hand, if your skin is exposed from both sides of the bra, this may indicate that your bra is too small.

G, packing

You need a sports bra with a padding to prevent bumps.