Women with a short neck, as long as she is a little fatter, will look very strong. And the girl with short neck is limited in the choice of single items, don't worry, V-neck is definitely a life-saving medicine for short-necked women.

V-neck Shirts

Let's start with the most everyday shirts. If you are an office worker and your neck is not long enough, you must try a V-neck shirt. The V-neck shirt can be visually slim, has a long neck, and has a face-lifting effect. If you are a full-bodied girl in the upper body, it is even better to choose the V-neck. While the neck is stretched visually, the V-neck attracts most of the eye.

Every day, choose a color shirt to make you more energetic, with a pair of versatile jeans. In short, this combination will make you elegant and noble when you go to work or leisure. The short shirt is the best choice for the V-neck style, and at the same time, according to the degree of skin, no more than just a good.

V-neck Dress

V-neck dress is a single item, I will not promise you no! Pure color V-neck skirt, who wears who is the fairy, big red and satin material, both formal and fashionable, very suitable for the reception.

V-neck Camisole

If you want to wear a Camisole in the summer, you really have to choose a V-neck Camisole, because not all Camisole can feel comfortable.

If you think that the V-neck Camisole is too exposed, you can match the current hottest blazer, the looming clavicle, the V-neck's charming and the handsome suit, just in the middle, and wear it all you want.