In summer, the hotter the weather is, I don't want to work. I just want to go to the beach. It's necessary to choose a bright swimsuit. This year's swimsuit trend, the right choice, become the beach's brightest scenery.

A-shape is a body that is symmetrical or slim in the upper body, but larger in the lower half than one to two sizes. Girls with this shape are often dissatisfied with their hips and thighs. They wear A-shaped skirts or umbrella skirts all the year round, but the relative waist will appear thinner, so they can avoid weight and lighten the waist, and enlarge the advantage of waist thinness.

In fact, shape A still has a unique style in swimming suits. As long as you show the waist line as much as possible, you can't make mistakes. Therefore, split skirt swimsuit is the first choice, and the upper body of the design of a strong style, you can also shift the line of sight, balance the proportion. You can also choose one-piece swimsuit, but when choosing one-piece swimsuit, you must choose the style with high waisted design.

Let the figure look more curved, no S-shaped curve how, I am proud of A-cup ah, it can be said that straight cylinder, is the most common figure of Asian girls. If you are a straight cylindrical girl with upper body lines that are not prominent enough. Girls with straight barrel stature can also highlight their body lines through special tailoring of swimsuits. Fairies can choose to use diagonal lines, cutting and other details to increase the sense of curve, choose the style with its own curve pattern, or choose hollow waist design, geometric cutting patterns, can also break the stiffness of the straight cylinder body.