In the cold winter, especially yearning for the spring, I imagined that in the bright spring, I wore a light and beautiful dress and walked in the grass of the trees and flowers, how much leisure time. What do you think about the first dress worn in the spring of 2019? According to the actual situation of the weather, there are also popular trends. Today we recommend the following three dresses, which are most suitable for spring.

Knit Dress

For the soft stretch of knitted fabrics, it is particularly comfortable to wear, and the ventilation is not sultry. It is the most comfortable for dealing with the hot and cold weather in spring. The casual outer jacket, whether it is long or short, reveals a close-fitting skirt, even if nothing is exposed, it is very feminine. It should be noted that the knit dress is very soft and close, so it is more attractive. If the winter is a little bit of meat, you should choose a casual style.

Shirt Dress

The shirt is lengthened into a dress, which adds a lot of femininity to the invisible. Compared with other fabrics, the shirt is not close to the body, and has a good slimming effect. It is especially popular among women in the workplace. For the sunny spring, the fresh and refined shirt dress is a good match.

Denim Dress

Neutral denim fabric, wearing a handsome retro feel. But the denim fabric is tangled. Summer wear is a bit thick and hot, winter is not warm enough, but for spring, it is just right. It is more windproof and warmer than knitting, and it is not stuffy. Whether it is the spring of the wind or the warm sun, it can give you a comfortable wearing experience.