Most are unaware of the importance of sports bra. Sports bra is the exclusive underwear for women to protect their chest during exercise or competition. Its birth dates back to 1911, when the designers replaced the metal ring with an elastic band and applied for a patent in 1914, which was then sold to Warner Bros. Underwear. As women's awareness of chest protection has increased, the sports bra has gradually upgraded from the embryonic form and has gradually become more and more professional.

We all know that the breast is a glandular organ. Because of the lack of muscle and bone, the support relies on the ligament and superficial skin. The ligament is equivalent to a rubber band. If it is stretched and stretched back and forth, it will become less elastic in the long run. The data shows that when girls do not wear underwear, according to the different types of breast cups, the maximum shaking amplitude is about 14cm. Even the smallest A cup, the shaking range can reach 4cm.

This large sway will aggravate the damage of the chest ligament and the damage cannot be repaired. If you exercise regularly and are not accustomed to wearing a sports bra, your chest will be more prone to sagging and sagging than your peers. Sports bra protects your chest. It distributes the stress during exercise from the sensitive shoulders and chest to the back and underarms, reducing vibration.

Common Bra's common fabrics are: all kinds of cotton, all kinds of silk, Lycra, spandex, etc., with the advantages of crispness, tight structure, long-lasting deformation. Sports bra's fabric features high elasticity, which exerts a certain pressure on the chest through the elasticity of the fabric itself, thus stabilizing and damping. At the same time, no matter which kind of exercise, sweat will continue under the intensity of persistence. Then, the choice of fabrics should be based on moisture absorption, perspiration, quick drying and ventilation. Sports bra generally uses quick-drying fabrics such as nylon and spandex, plus some hollow and mesh designs to reduce the discomfort caused by sweating.